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Initial impressions – the Fuji 8mm f/3.5

Go wide Wide-angle lenses have always been my favorites. I love the immersive look and feel. Up until recently, the Samyang 12mm f/2.0 was my go-to lens. Unfortunately, it took an ice bath at the shore of Diamond Beach in Iceland last year. It’s still usable but the photos are fuzzy. Three weeks ago, I… Read More

More impressions of the Fuji X100VI

xLove Over the past weeks, I had the opportunity to use the X100VI in many situations. To make it short, I love this camera. It is a big step up from the predecessors. Some people complain that it’s bigger and heavier but you don’t notice once you start using it. It feels like the same…. Read More

Running in the snow

Snow…again Just when all systems had been switched to summer mode, winter struck again towards the end of April. We went from t-shirt & shorts weather straight back to the depth of winter…all within a matter of two days. I took the opportunity to head up the trails over the course of three days to… Read More

It’s here! The Fuji X100VI

The wait Fuji recently announced the sixth iteration of the crazy popular X100 series. I have been an avid user of different versions of this ubiquitous camera. Some of my favorite photos were shot with these. Needless to say, I was excited about the new iteration. But hang on – there was a small problem:… Read More

Chasing Sunrise: Unique lighting conditions for stunning shots with the Fuji X100V

Gorgeous winter mornings: A Bavarian wonderland A cold weather system arrived in Bavaria a few days ago and it has created some of the most amazing views. Trees are covered with snow, the air is full of ice crystals and the sky is blue. Sunrises have had gorgeous hues of pink and orange. Morning runs… Read More

Every second counts

Blue Hour Timing matters. This is especially true when it comes to photography. I was astounded this week during three photo sessions how much difference a few minutes can make. The blue hour is one of my favorite times to take photos. While on a trip to Cascais, Portugal, I set out to photograph the… Read More

A gorgeous morning ride

Sunrise Some mornings are prettier than others. This was certainly true the other day. I woke up bright & early and decided to jump on my bike. 30 minutes into the ride, the sun started rising. The next 30 minutes were magical. All photos taken with the iPhone 13 Pro and the GoPro Hero 12.

Trail running on Zugspitze

The comfort zone When is the last time you have left your comfort zone? It’s sadly been a while for me when it comes to sports and I therefore decided to embark on one of my longest trail runs ever. Growth usually happens when you leave your comfort zone. The top of Zugspitze seemed like… Read More

A few days in Tavira

Ringo the Flamingo Is that a flamingo? Boy, I was surprised to see a flock of these awesome birds stand in a tide pool close to Faro airport in Portugal as we made our final descent. Quite a fun sight. And that was a nice and surprising way to start to a short vacation close… Read More

GoPro as a photo camera – overhyped or cool?

The GoPro Just a few days ago, GoPro announced the latest version of its iconic Hero action camera. No doubt, the new Hero 12 will turn heads but also receive criticism on the internet for a perceived lack of new features. Time for me to add my 2 cents again. However, I do not want… Read More

A herculian challenge in A Coruña?

A Coruña There is a magnificent gem located in the North West of Spain. It seems to have gone somewhat unnoticed by the millions of tourists that flock to the South every year. The gem is a sparkling city on the Atlantic. It features picturesque alleys, an abundance of amazing restaurants and a number of… Read More

Fire dances – A rendezvous with Litli-Hrutur

Volcano: Litli-Hrutur Do you have a bucket list? I certainly do and there was one item all the way up on that directory: to experience a live volcano. The closest I have come to fulfil this dream was to fly over Mt St Helens on a clear day in 2004 during a brief period of… Read More

Unearthly Beauty Meets Unearthly Charm – Gozo: The Island that Stole My Heart!

Gozo, Malta Hey fellow wanderlusters and photography enthusiasts! Today, I’m taking you on a side-splitting journey to a land where azure seas and captivating landscapes meet the quirkiest, most charming island inhabitants. Buckle up and grab your snorkels, for we’re diving headfirst into the wonderland known as Gozo! Gozo is a smaller island located in… Read More

A photowalk through Passau

Intro A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful morning roaming the quiet streets of Passau. My trusted Fuji X100V accompanied me per usual. The city of Passau is located in the Eastern part of Bavaria. It is known for each unique geographic feature: three rivers meet at the tip of… Read More

The Storm

The alarm Once in a while, you just need to be in the right spot at the right time. This happened to me in April of 2023. I was riding my bike on the island of Mallorca. It was a fine and really quiet morning. Suddenly my Garmin GPS started beeping and gave me a… Read More

Look at those beaches!

A surprise Some people consider Fuerteventura to be the most boring island in the Canaries. There are certainly some stretches that are somewhat dull. Vast parts of the landscape are covered in greyish lava remnants with little to no vegetation around it. But what the island is lacking in some areas, it is most definitely… Read More