Cycling the Zillergrund & Schlegeis dams

Zillergrund & Schlegeis Last weekend, I decided to head to Austria to ride two beautiful mountain passes. The region of Mayrhofen is usually known for its skiing and hiking. Few people know that there are three massive dams hidden in the valleys behind the town. Built in the 80s, these dams are pretty impressive and they offer gorgeous views. GoPro Hero 9 & Max mod I captured the ride with my GoPro and the Max mod attached. This extra lens is actually pretty cool for cycling. It has a feature called horizon lock and allows you to capture neat footage …


Ibiza – Post lock-down

More and more countries are starting to ease travel restrictions as the Covid situation improves across the globe. We were most certainly delighted to jump on a flight to Ibiza a few weeks ago. The island was quite empty and many hotels were still shut down. It was almost a bit eerie in certain parts. Nevertheless, we did enjoy our stay as we got to enjoy the beauty without the usual crowd of party tourists that usually frequent this place. Ibiza Impressions Here is a short video with impressions from the gorgeous Spanish island.

Local Adventures – Eibsee

As the lockdown continues in Europe and we are unable to hang out with friends & family it is becoming more and more important for us to do some fun stuff on the weekends. Last Sunday we were in for a rare treat: walking on the frozen Lake Eibsee. Lake Eibsee Lake Eibsee is considered to be one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Germany. You can find it right below Germany’s highest mountain (Zugspitze) just outside of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The views in summer are magical. The water is crystal clear and the colors do resemble those of the waters …

Local Photography – Lake Spitzing

We sometimes don’t have to travel too far to witness awesome landscapes. There is a lot of beauty around us in Europe. But the closer you live to something the more you take it for granted. There is a tiny lake in the mountains close to our house. It’s called Spitzingsee. Situated at 1100m (3400ft), it offers some wonderful views. I got up early one morning to witness the sunrise and to hit the road with my bike before the daily visitors from Munich pour into the area. The light changed amazingly fast that morning. There were just 12 minutes …

Water color renditions

It’s been a while since my last post. Work has kept me super busy and photography had to take a backseat for a while. But today I am super excited to get started again and will also post some new work in the coming weeks. Is there a better way to return to this blog than showing the work of an old colleague of mine? He contacted me last year to obtain a few copies of photos that I had posted on Facebook. He is also an artist and wanted to create some renditions with water colors. What do you …

GoPro Max

The GoPro Max is a miracle camera

The speed of innovation is startling these days. Things that weren’t possible just 3-5 years ago are now the new normal. The GoPro Max is one of those miracles to me. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s the latest GoPro camera in the 360 category and basically replaces the GoPro Fusion which was released just little over two years ago. As the name states, a 360 camera grabs a 360 degree view. That is cool by itself. But what is even cooler is the ability to reframe the content later. Just film whatever you want and decide later …

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon with the GoPro Hero 7

Business brought me back to Las Vegas the other day. I can’t really say that I enjoy going there. The Casinos, the masses of people and the constant smell of smoke are just not my cup of tea. Not all is fear and loathing in Las Vegas, however. Just a few miles West of the strip is the famous Red Rock Canyon. This is an amazing nature reserve that is named after the dramatic color of its surrounding rocks. I managed to step outside for a relaxing hike in this beautiful area with my beloved GoPro Hero 7. If you …


Playing with the DJI Drone

The transition from summer to fall can sometimes be quite harsh. Within a few weeks, temperatures have dropped considerably and we even had to turn on the heat in our house. Pair that with non-stop rain. The past few days have been especially dreary. But as luck had it there were a few bright moments here and there. A perfect occasion to get out, go running, ride the bike and fly my DJI Spark drone.  

An hour at the Auditorio de Tenerife

Auditorio de Tenerife When you approach the Spanish island city Santa Cruz de Tenerife by sea, you might think that your eyes are playing a trick on you: there is a building that resembles the iconic Sydney opera house. It’s actually not a trick but the island of Tenerife features its very own iconic auditorium. The architecture is quite spectacular, however, the location and the general upkeep of the building is a bit of a let-down. You can find the Auditorio right next to the harbor and it is often surrounded by oil-rigs, drill ships and other other large ocean …

Rapeseed Runner

From the archives: Rapeseed Runner

One fine afternoon in May of 2011 I took off from work a bit earlier. The Bavarian rapeseed fields were in full bloom at that time and I wanted to take some photos of the amazing colors. It always is a spectacular sight especially on a clear day with blue skies. As I was taking in the beautiful landscape, a runner suddenly started moving through a field to my left. I quickly swapped my lens for a 300mm tele and managed to grab this photograph. It is one of my all-time favorites. As a little bonus, professional photographer Ming Thein …

Fall in Kitzbuehel – A short photo essay

Kitzbuehel – The Legend Downhill racers, mountain climbers, cyclists, jet-setters and paparazzi all get goose-bumps when they hear the name of the ubiquitous Austrian ski town Kitzbuehel. It’s a fairly small town nestled in the Northern part of the Alps (1.5 hrs drive from Munich). There are so many things that Kitzbuehel is famous for: the legendary Hahnenkamm downhill race, the legendary parties, expensive cars and famous people. It’s easy to forget that Kitzbuehel is also nestled amidst breathtaking nature. Last week, I had the pleasure to enjoy three amazing days in those wonderful town. Since I was alone with …


A day in the Austrian Alps

The Austrian Alps Fall has arrived with full force in Europe. We just witnessed its volatile nature on a short trip to Saalbach-Hinterglemm in Austria. It is a famous ski town nestled high up in the Alps. The town itself was pretty much shut down. All bars & restaurants are closed during off-season. But the weather totally made up for the lack of other entertainment. Here are a few photographs from the past two days. Weather Upon arrival in Hinterglemm we were surprised to find ourselves in a complete white-out. The snow flakes were twice the size of a Euro …

‘Lonesome’ on the Popular page

500px 500px is amongst my favorite photography websites. The collection of available photos and the sharing capabilities make it an extremely inspiring and useful tool. It’ fun and educational to review the portfolios of different photographers around the world. The overall quality seems a lot higher than what you find on Flickr. And that’s the other thing: sharing your own photos is very enjoyable. Your portfolio looks awesome. Lonesome I was really happy the other day to discover that one of my recent creations made it into the ‘Popular’ category of 500px. This page features the best photos of any …


New Publication – Dubai Posterbook

Posterbook On Thursday afternoon I received exciting news: my new Dubai posterbook was published on It features thirteen of my favorite photographs from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. You might be scratching your head – a book with just thirteen photos. Well, this is a so-called posterbook from the German publishing house Calvendo. It is kind of like a calendar without the calendar feature. All you have is large and beautiful posters. The cool thing about the posterbook format is that you don’t have to frame each photo. Just hang up it like a calendar and then change …

Nikon D800 battery life

Let me be clear: I love the Nikon D800. But there is something that really bugs me. And that is the battery life. I took my camera on a business trip this week. The battery ran out after 250 photos. Granted a lot of them were long exposure (5-15 seconds), but this is almost ridiculous. My D300s seemed to last for weeks. However, the battery is on  re-call. I just found out. Will call Nikon on Monday to get a replacement. I do hope that this will fix the problem. 250 photos is not enough.

First Nikon D800 HDR – Single RAW file

Nikon D800 HDR The other day I wrote about the Nikon D800 file size. I do have to say that I am pleasantly surprised about who well the huge RAW files handle on my MacAir and the MacMini. Tonight, I decided to do another test: HDR processing on my MacAir. For that purpose, I took a single RAW file that I took a few days ago. I processed that file with five different EV settings (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2) and exported the files to jpeg. Each jpeg is between 5.7MB and 9MB large. The files were processed HDR EFEX …

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