Does it really matter what camera I use? Not really. It never has. But it’s still fun to have and collect gear. And people always ask. On that note, have you ever thought about the deeper context of this simple question:

“Wow – awesome photo. What camera do you use?”

Try that in a restaurant next time:

“Awesome food – what type of pots and pans do you use?”

Funny thought? I think it’s funny. Anyway, I don’t think the camera makes the photos. It’s the person behind it. But in case you wondered, here is what I currently use.


It happened in the summer of 2013. After 20 years of being a loyal Nikon customer, I switched to the amazing Fuji X system. The cameras are small & light, look extremely sexy and most importantly produce amazing image quality. Also, the X cameras rely on a bunch of manual dials instead of menus which make them really easy and fun to use. Based on my current needs, I cycle through 2-3 different Fuji models over time.

Fuji X70

There are is one camera that has been a staple in my current gear bag for a long time:

Go-Pro: I started using this fabulous camera as early as 2014. It is the one piece of gear that is always with me and that gets the highest use. Most of the photos on my Insta channel are taken with this camera. As a runner and cyclist, I was looking for a waterproof option to capture the beauty around me while working out. The earlier releases were ok and still somewhat bulky, but GoPro has done some amazing things in recent years. Picture quality for both photo and video is at a very high level. You just have to learn how to work around the restrictions of having an ultra-wide sense.

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