Look at those beaches!

A surprise

Some people consider Fuerteventura to be the most boring island in the Canaries. There are certainly some stretches that are somewhat dull. Vast parts of the landscape are covered in greyish lava remnants with little to no vegetation around it. But what the island is lacking in some areas, it is most definitely making up with some of its amazing beaches.

A gorgeous morning – GoPro

The South

Earlier this summer, I spent a week exploring the South of Fuerteventura. Equipped with my Fuji X100V, the GoPro 11 and the fabulous DJI Mini Pro, I set out to capture at least five decent photos.

Sotavento Beach

One of the highlights in the South is the Sotevento Beach area. The golden sand stretches for miles and it changes its appearance with the change of the tides. I highly recommend visiting this area not just once but a few times just to experience the different looks and shapes this beach can take within a single day.

Vacation in a video

Besides photography, I also create a small movie which you can see on Youtube. Do I recommend going to Fuerteventura? It depends on what you are looking for. Based on my personal experience, hiking and exploring is definitely more fun on other islands such as La Gomera. But if you want to relax on the beach and enjoy the gorgeous water, you should most definitely consider Fuerteventura.

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