Running in the snow


Just when all systems had been switched to summer mode, winter struck again towards the end of April. We went from t-shirt & shorts weather straight back to the depth of winter…all within a matter of two days. I took the opportunity to head up the trails over the course of three days to enjoy the wonderfully quiet and beautiful landscape.

Powder days

The snow looked rather harmless from the valley but as I ran up the trails, things changed rapidly. Before I knew it, 20cm of fresh and fluffy powder piled up on the trail. It was quite magical. And not a single person around. Seriously one the best runs I have had in a long time

Moody light

Things were slightly different on the next day. It kept snowing over night and there were warnings to stay away from higher altitudes due to increased risk of avalanches. Nevertheless, staying a bit lower was fun, too. Moody pockets of fog created a mythical atmosphere. The photo below is actually one of my favorites from recent times. It might come as a surprise, but I took this with the GoPro.

One of my favorite photos of recent times

Sadly, I had to decide against bringing my real camera. It was just too risky with all the snow and the wet & slippery conditions. But here are some of the photos I took with the GoPro Hero 12 and the iPhone 14 Pro.

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