More impressions of the Fuji X100VI


Over the past weeks, I had the opportunity to use the X100VI in many situations. To make it short, I love this camera. It is a big step up from the predecessors. Some people complain that it’s bigger and heavier but you don’t notice once you start using it. It feels like the same. The added weight/ size is due to new functionality Fuji stuffed in the camera. There are three features in particular that I love.


IBIS is by far my favorite. In the past, I frequently lost frames due to motion blur. Whether indoors or outdoors, the X100 was just really sensitive to any kind of movement with slow shutter speeds. The X100VI changes this. The new IBIS is quite effective and provides a ton of flexibility whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors. Check out the photo below. I used the ND filter combined with f11 at 3/5s to blur the water movement.

New Sensor & Crop Modes

The new sensor offers a significant increase in megapixels from 26 to 40. This provides welcome room for cropping. But it also allows you to use the virtual cropping mode quite effectively. By twisting the lens, you can ‘zoom’ in. Yes, it’s not a real zoom but it’s nice to have in some situations. The older models have this feature as well but the results were not that great. You can now produce decent HEIF files straight out of the camera. The RAW files are not affected by this and you have to crop in manually. The X100VI offers the 35mm (40MP), 50mm (20MP) and 70(10MP). The image of the snail was shot with digital zoom.


xApp Transfer

One feature that might easily be forgotten is the ability to transfer images to the xApp at faster speeds. You can set the X100VI to use 5GHz Wifi which speeds up the transfers tremendously. After the last firmware update, you can finally also upload RAW images. This is quite cool as you can load them directly to Lightroom on your phone. I will certainly use this while traveling


It’s only been a few weeks but I do love the X100VI and find myself bringing it along much more often. If you can get your hands on one, I recommend getting it.

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