The Fuji X100VI rocks!

Update on the X100VI

It’s been a few months since I managed to get my hands on the newly released Fuji X100VI. Since then I have had several opportunities to use and properly test it. The X100V was already really good but the X100VI is simply amazing IMHO. The addition of IBIS makes the camera just that much more enjoyable for me. Also, the new 40MP sensor is handy when you need to crop in a bit. I do this more often now than before, simply because I can. Downsides? None – at least not as compared to the prior model.

Black Mist Filter

One accessory that I added is a black mist filter from Nisi. Some of the images below are shot with the filter. I feel that it adds a nice & warm atmosphere. This particular filter is also handy as you can use the regular lens cap.

Sample Images

Below is a gallery with some of my favorite photos from recent weeks.

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