Malta sunrise


One of my favorite features on the newer DJI drones is the pano photo option. DJI automatically takes a series of up to 24 photos which can then be stitched into a gigantic pano using software like Adobe Lightoom.

Malta mornings

In the summer of 2022, I spent a few days near Golden Beach in Malta. The coast line is very dramatic and the sunrise usually dips this beauty in gorgeous light. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to produce an iconic panorama. Little did I know at that point that I had opened a can of worms. The first few panos turned out to be quite boring. The composition just didn’t feel right. Also, the light was a bit dull. Keep in mind that each pano takes about 2-3 minutes. You position the drone in the air and start the process. The drone then happily starts clicking away – photo after photo. Upon the return to the hotel, I then spend another 2-5 minutes on stitching the different versions together.

One of the first iterations. Not bad but somewhat boring.

Patience pays off

I ended up spending three mornings at the cliffs to get the shot that I wanted. Puffy clouds added much needed contrast and depth to the final photo. Just as an FYI – the final photo is 1.72GB large. The level of detail is simply incredible.

Love these clouds!


Between waiting for the right light to appear, I also flew my DJ Mavic Air 2 to capture some video. Enjoy.

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