A photowalk through Passau


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful morning roaming the quiet streets of Passau. My trusted Fuji X100V accompanied me per usual. The city of Passau is located in the Eastern part of Bavaria. It is known for each unique geographic feature: three rivers meet at the tip of the old town and merge into one: Inn & Ilz unite into the mighty Danube.

Old Town Passau

The old town of Passau is a popular spot for tourists. Its cobblestone streets and narrow alleys are quite picturesque. It’s fun to roam around and get lost. There are a ton of nice restaurants and cafes to take advantage of as well. Just note that the streets fill up during tourist season. A bunch of river cruises come through here.

Above the roofs of Passau

The university of Passau had invited my class to come back for some celebrations. Little did we know that the organisers of the Alumni organization went all out to give us a great experience. A seemingly ordinary city walk took an unexpected turn when we were invited to climb up the tower of the city hall. The tower itself is not open to the public and the various staircases leading up to the to balcony are quite treacherous. The views did not disappoint.


If you get a chance to visit Passau, definitely plan to spend a few days here. The cycling paths along the rivers are also gorgeous beyond belief. And make sure to pack your camera.

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