A herculian challenge in A Coruña?

A Coruña

There is a magnificent gem located in the North West of Spain. It seems to have gone somewhat unnoticed by the millions of tourists that flock to the South every year. The gem is a sparkling city on the Atlantic. It features picturesque alleys, an abundance of amazing restaurants and a number of fantastic sites/ views. I am speaking of the city A Coruña. After traveling there for work on a number of occasions, I finally had the opportunity to spend a full day in this place. Equipped with the trusted Fuji X100V and the GoPro 11, we set out to explore the city and its sights.

Magical Light

One of the first things I noticed about A Coruña over ten years ago is that it is often painted in very soft light. The sunrises that I have been privileged to witness were characterised by rich & vibrant colours. A Coruña certainly did not disappoint this time, either. Even as the day continued, the light remained surprisingly pleasant.

Hercules Tower

Our first target was the ancient lighthouse Torre de Hércules. It’s apparently been in operation since the 2nd century AD. The area around it is fun to explore – there are a number of interesting statues, art installations and sweeping views of the Atlantic. The smell of wild celery growing there adds to the atmosphere.

Torre Hercules – GoPro

Menhirs for peace

Just a short walk away from the Hercules Tower is a mesmerising art installation called the “Menhirs for Peace”. The first thing I had to think about when I approached it was that the famous cartoon character Obelix must have dumped his beloved menhirs in this place. And indeed, that is exactly what they look like except for a small opening inside of all them. These little windows allow you to catch interesting views of the surrounding area. If you go there, I highly recommend spending some time peeping through them. As you can see from the gallery, I certainly had fun creating a few photographs.


Culinary delights

One thing that we were looking forward to was the food. The town centre is bustling with small restaurants. We were lucky to grab a coveted spot with nice views of the beach. One of the local specialties is the octopus – pulpo. As a matter of fact, there are various restaurants specialised in this delicatessen – so called Pulperias. It did not disappoint.

The city

The city itself is also worth exploring. There are a number of small alleys covered with cafes, restaurants and shops. Make sure to also take a good look at the enclosed balconies that are featured on many houses in the old town. We happened to be there on a public holiday and the streets were very busy.


Based on my experience, the city is best explored by foot. Distances between the sites are not that far. Walking also gives you an excuse to stop at different cafes to take a break 😂. Taxis seemed to be available in different spots.

Fuji X100V

One thing that I love about the Fuji X100V are the film simulations. The x series cameras are well known for their the ability to emulate the specific look of some of Fujis iconic analog films which were known for their specific colour recipes. For A Corona, I decided to shoot in Classic Chrome which used to be one of my trusted tools in the good old days. It has a slightly desaturated and gritty look which felt right for this place.

A Herculian effort?

Is having fun in A Coruña a proverbial Herculean effort? It isn’t. There is so much to see, explore and enjoy. Just the area around the Hercules tower is worth spending some time at. If you happen to plan a trip to Spain, make sure to add A Coruña to your bucket list.

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