Chasing Sunrise: Unique lighting conditions for stunning shots with the Fuji X100V

Gorgeous winter mornings: A Bavarian wonderland

A cold weather system arrived in Bavaria a few days ago and it has created some of the most amazing views. Trees are covered with snow, the air is full of ice crystals and the sky is blue. Sunrises have had gorgeous hues of pink and orange.

Morning runs with the X100V

A few days ago, I posted photos taken with the iPhone 14 Pro. Wanting a bit more, I decided to grab my trusted Fuji X100V and take it on two further morning runs. While the camera itself is not really pocketable, I wore a running vest and stowed it there. Along for ride came the Cullmann Nomad 220 tripod. It is also small enough to fit into the running vest and the weight is barely noticeable.

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. Henry David Thoreau

Chasing the light on frozen trails

Beautiful morning light doesn’t last long. There is a window of maybe 10-15 minutes at most. I therefore carefully mapped out my run to get to the locations at a specific time. The best light was expected around 7:05 – 7:10. That meant calculating back to get there just in time. While running in -10C is fine for me, stopping for too long can quickly become a problem. To save time, I therefore dialed in all the settings on the X100V before I left (ISO, Aperture, Self-timer). Fiddling around with details when it’s that cold, is not a good idea. Timing worked out somewhat okay on both mornings. There were fleeting moments of pink & orange in the sky. Fog rolled in and out with surprising speed.

X100V in the cold 🥶

How did the X100V perform in the cold? To my delight, the low temperatures posed no issue. The camera performed flawlessly despite being out in the cold for over almost an hour. Batteries from other devices would have probably let me down. One of my favorite features on the X100V is a built-in ND filter. To capture richer colors, it is sometimes a good idea to do longer exposure times. As it got brighter this feature came in super handy.

Both mornings were an awesome experience and I am happy with the results.

Rinse and grind, it’s coffee time!

Below are some of the results. Click to view the gallery

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