Turning to videos

Covid has dramatically restricted our ability to move around and explore. Even day trips have become somewhat difficult in Bavaria due to the limited options and the mass of people seemingly targeting the same places on the weekends. My personal drive to engage in photography has therefore also declined. However, I recently rediscovered videography.

GoPro Hero 9


Videography offers so much creative potential. Technology has also come around tremendously in recent years. Captures that are possible today were limited to professionals just ten years ago. My beloved GoPro is a powerhouse of creativity and versatility. Likewise, 360 cameras such as the GoPro Max and drones offer completely new angles.


Below are a few videos that I recently created. All footage was edited in Final Cut Pro.

Dreary day

This one was taken on May 1st. Hard to believe that all trees are still bare. A longer ride was not in the books and I decided to just have fun with the DJI Mavic Mini. It’s easy to bring along on a ride.

POV Cycling

This was a fun one to record. I wanted to capture the excitement of descending with a road bike and chose to pull out my GoPro chest mount to capture the action. I used the GoPro Hero 9 with Max Mod to get a wider angle and to capture the speed. The Max Mod has excellent horizon leveling capabilities and going through curves looks more dramatic as a result.

GoPro Max – 360 footage

This video was taken in fall. I used the fabulous GoPro Max to capture the gorgeous colors around us. For those of you who don’t know this camera – it’s a 360 degree cam and this allows you to capture the drone-like footage. the selfie stick is automatically removed the camera. You can also simply record and then later determine what you want to show.

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