Cycling the Zillergrund & Schlegeis dams

Zillergrund & Schlegeis Last weekend, I decided to head to Austria to ride two beautiful mountain passes. The region of Mayrhofen is usually known for its skiing and hiking. Few people know that there are three massive dams hidden in the valleys behind the town. Built in the 80s, these dams are pretty impressive and they offer gorgeous views. GoPro Hero 9 & Max mod I captured the ride with my GoPro and the Max mod attached. This extra lens is actually pretty cool for cycling. It has a feature called horizon lock and allows you to capture neat footage …

Turning to videos

Covid has dramatically restricted our ability to move around and explore. Even day trips have become somewhat difficult in Bavaria due to the limited options and the mass of people seemingly targeting the same places on the weekends. My personal drive to engage in photography has therefore also declined. However, I recently rediscovered videography. Video Videography offers so much creative potential. Technology has also come around tremendously in recent years. Captures that are possible today were limited to professionals just ten years ago. My beloved GoPro is a powerhouse of creativity and versatility. Likewise, 360 cameras such as the GoPro …

GoPro Max

The GoPro Max is a miracle camera

The speed of innovation is startling these days. Things that weren’t possible just 3-5 years ago are now the new normal. The GoPro Max is one of those miracles to me. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s the latest GoPro camera in the 360 category and basically replaces the GoPro Fusion which was released just little over two years ago. As the name states, a 360 camera grabs a 360 degree view. That is cool by itself. But what is even cooler is the ability to reframe the content later. Just film whatever you want and decide later …

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