The fabled Sa Calobra climb

Sa Calobra

The cycling community is ripe with discussions about famous mountain passes and climbs. Pretty much every athlete either dreams of conquering specific climbs or has stories of mountain passes to tell. Some climbs are (in)famous for their difficulty. Others are beloved because of their beauty. The Col dels Reis on the Spanish island of Mallorca belongs to the latter category. Better known as Sa Calobra, the road twists and turns through a rugged mountain landscape like a snake. The top features a crazy loop at the top called ‘the tie’.

Top of the climb

Riding the pass with the GoPro Hero 10

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to ride this road on a crystal clear, warm and quiet day. Leaving Port of Soller early in the morning, I encountered very few cars and other cyclists.

The road literally snakes through the rugged mountains

Top capture this iconic climb, I brought the trusted GoPro Hero 10 along. My plan was to capture the twisty nature of the roads in the area. A chest strap was just the perfect tool for that. The GoPro’s capability to level the horizon makes for some dramatic and fun pictures. Enjoy the ride!

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