Mallorca: Gorgeous views

Mallorca still remains one of my favourite destinations for road cycling. The infrastructure is almost perfect: little traffic, well maintained roads and dedicated cycling routes, gorgeous landscapes and a variety of terrain. Up until now, I have had little time to dedicate to photography on this island. This needed to change.

Cycling & photography go together 😉


Over the stretch of a view days, I decided to get up at the crack of dawn to capture the sometimes gorgeous sunrises in the Alcudia area. The weather in early March of 2022 was quite volatile. Every morning was a different experience. It started with early morning storms and dramatic clouds.

Stormy day (iPhone 13 pro in RAW)
Amazing colours (iPhone 13 pro in RAW)

Two days later, the weather improved and we were treated to a phenomenal sunrise.

Fuji X-T4
Fuji X-T4

Cap de Formentor

Inspired by the sunrises on the beach in front of my hotel, I decided to drive up to the Es Colomor Mirador overlooking the famous Cap de Formentor. Dressed in shorts, flip flops and just a sweater, I was a bit surprised when I got out of the car: just 2.5C outside – thank you very much. However, the usually crowded place was very quiet that morning. It was a stunning experience.

Fuji X-T4
Fuji X-T4

Below is gallery with additional photos from this special week. The lighting conditions changed rapidly and it’s difficult to pick favourites.

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