Tiger & Turtle – A morning run with the Fuji X70

The beauty of traveling for business is that you get to see a lot. At least I do as I am a passionate runner. I always get up really early and go running in the different places I have to travel to. Some runs are better than others. Earlier this week, I had a fantastic experience. There is a famous landmark in Germany close to Duesseldorf called “Tiger & Turtle”.

Tiger and Turtle-4
The flipscreen of the Fuji X70 is really cool. You can use it to prop up the camera for photos like this

Tiger & Turtle

Strange name, huh? What is it then? Well, Tiger & Turtle is a rollercoaster that is situated on the top of a hill. It’s not your ordinary rollercoaster, though. It’s a staircase, i.e. you can walk the entire thing except for a looping. Huffington Post believes it is one the of most extreme staircases in the world. It definitely is quite fun to walk it. The stairs are fairly steep and you certainly need to focus on watching your step. I arrived 20 minutes before sunrise on a very cold morning. There were no people and I spent ten minutes exploring and happily snapping away before I had to run back to my hotel. The colors and the atmosphere were gorgeous.

Tiger and Turtle-1
Gorgeous colors on a very cold morning

The Fuji X70

When it comes to running, I usually take my GoPro with me. However, I recently acquired a new Fujifilm X70. It’s small enough that I can bring it on my run (in a zip-loc baggy to keep it dry). The 18.5mm lens was super for this occasion and I really enjoyed using it. Carrying it on the run was no problem at all.

Enjoy the gallery below. If you happen to be in the Duesseldorf/ Duisburg/ Essen area, I highly recommend visiting this place.

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