The Fuji X-T2 in Hallstatt

Hallstatt Take a gorgeous lake, put some mountains around it and build a scenic town with cobble stone streets & wooden buildings right on the slopes of the hills. What you get is Hallstatt. Hallstatt is probably amongst the most desirable places to visit in Austria. Its scenery and location is unrivalled for sure. Lucky for us, Hallstatt is just a short 2.5hr drive away from Munich. Fall has been kind to us and we decided to spend a day there. This was also an excellent opportunity for me to test the new Fuji X-T2. I have had the camera for …

Running in San Francisco

A business trip brought me back to San Francisco last week. This is always an opportunity to experience some wonderful runs. The city itself is an ideal stomping ground for runners. Stunning scenery, challenging terrain and decent temperatures all year round make the city so unique. The Presidio especially offers a number of amazing trails with sweeping views over the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. Together with some of my good colleagues and customers, we logged almost 50 miles during that week. The Fuji X70 on the run Running in San Francisco calls for a camera. Instead of my GoPro, …

Fuji X70

The Fuji X70 – A review

Finding a camera that delivers awesome image quality in a small and light package has always been a quest of mine. While there are a ton of great tiny cameras out there, none of them have really clicked for me (no pun intended). That’s why I got excited when the good guys at Fujifilm announced the Fuji X70. It sounded too good to be true: amazing APS-C size sensor in a small & sexy package. I have now had the Fuji X70 for over a month and love it. This post summarizes some of my experiences with it. Technical stuff There are …

Tiger & Turtle – A morning run with the Fuji X70

The beauty of traveling for business is that you get to see a lot. At least I do as I am a passionate runner. I always get up really early and go running in the different places I have to travel to. Some runs are better than others. Earlier this week, I had a fantastic experience. There is a famous landmark in Germany close to Duesseldorf called “Tiger & Turtle”. Tiger & Turtle Strange name, huh? What is it then? Well, Tiger & Turtle is a rollercoaster that is situated on the top of a hill. It’s not your ordinary …

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