Two amazing days in beautiful Slovenia

Gorgeous Slovenia

Some things just don’t make sense on paper. But when you actually do them, they seem right. Last weekend, my family and I jumped in the car to head down to Slovenia to meet up with some good friends that we hadn’t seen in a while. It’s usually a 3.5h drive from Munich but summer traffic added a few traffic jams and hours. But boy….it was so worth it. To make it short: we love Slovenia.

Lake Bled

Our short adventure started in Bled. It’s a small town nestled between gorgeous mountains and a lake. It couldn’t be any nicer. While most people have never heard of this place, pretty much everybody has seen photos of it. Kind of like a best kept secret. The sunset was pretty special. Unfortunately, there wasn’t too much time available for photography.


Vintgar Gorge

The next stop was the gorgeous Vintgar Gorge. This is 1.6km long gorge amid a lush green forest and marked by a stunning green river flowing right through it. The path is quite spectacular and I highly recommend visiting this place. Just make sure to go there early in the morning. By the time we returned to car, it was already pretty crowded.

Vintgar Gorge


While driving towards our next destination Bovec, I noticed a sign towards Planica. This place is well known for it’s ski jumping facilities which include one of the few existing ‘ski flying’ jumps. The 15 minute detour was well worth the effort. To see a ski jumping monster up and close is pretty amazing. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to jump down that mountain.



Our final stop was the small town of Bovec. It’s surrounded by steep mountains and another gorgeous river (The Soca). The area around Bovec can best be described as a giant playground for adults and kids. There is just so much fun stuff to do including rafting, canyoning, hiking, biking… name it. We went on a fun rafting tour with the fabulous guys from Fröccs. Highly recommend them.

We also did a short hike to discover one of the plethora of amazing waterfalls in the area. The name is Slap Kozjak and the 2km hike and views are stunning. Unfortunately, we were a bit rushed and there was only time for a few photos.

Soca River

Overall, it was a great trip. The only bummer is that my beloved Fuji X70 decided to stop working for no obvious reason. Also, I had somehow forgotten to bring a battery charger and spare batteries for my Fuji X-T1. Nevertheless, we will head back to Slovenia soon enough.

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