Scandinavian Summer Days

There is something magical about summers up North. Sunrise is bright and early (no pun intended) and the evenings never seem to end. Earlier this week, I had to head up to Copenhagen and Oslo for business meetings. It was a pretty intense and rushed affair. But summers being summers in Scandinavia, days are longer than anywhere else and you get to enjoy life in the sunshine after you are done with your chores.  Likewise, days start early: the sun rises shortly after 4am in Oslo right now.

Copenhagen, Nyhavn around 22:30

Endless days

The first evening, my team and I went on a short walk through Copenhagen to have dinner by the water in beautiful Nyhavn. Temperatures were perfect – balmy 20C. On our way back to the hotel, I was happy to take a few photos of the harbor during the blue hour.

The following day, I continued on to Oslo. Once again, dinner outside with my team and a short walk home around the castle. It was still bright around 11pm and my body kept telling me that it wasn’t time to go to bed, yet. However, I was looking forward to a nice run next morning and caved in.

Frogner Park, Oslo
Frogner Park, Oslo

Frogner Park

The target of my run was Frogner Park (back in October 2015, I wrote a short post about it). The area features a stunning sculpture installation by the famous Norwegian artist Vigeland. Due to my work schedule, I got up at 6am and hit the road right after. Stepping outside the hotel at 6:15, the sunlight greeted me like an old friend who had been waiting too long. Oslo was already hustling and bustling like it was 9am in any other European metropole. Frogner Park was simply amazing once again. The blue sky presented an ideal background for the white/ grey sculptures. Time was short and I could only take a few additional photos.

Once again, the Fuji X70 has proven to be a trusted and extremely valuable travel partner. I love having such a powerful yet small camera with me all the time. The 18.5mm lens really is an extremely versatile angle on trips like these.

Scandinavian summer days are awesome!

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