Fall in Kitzbuehel – A short photo essay

Kitzbuehel – The Legend

Downhill racers, mountain climbers, cyclists, jet-setters and paparazzi all get goose-bumps when they hear the name of the ubiquitous Austrian ski town Kitzbuehel. It’s a fairly small town nestled in the Northern part of the Alps (1.5 hrs drive from Munich). There are so many things that Kitzbuehel is famous for: the legendary Hahnenkamm downhill race, the legendary parties, expensive cars and famous people. It’s easy to forget that Kitzbuehel is also nestled amidst breathtaking nature. Last week, I had the pleasure to enjoy three amazing days in those wonderful town. Since I was alone with my boys, I did not have too much time to focus on photography, but here are some impressions.

The Krimmler Falls

There is a true gem (actually diamond) is hidden in the Alps. The Krimmler waterfalls are just 50km away from Kitzbuehel and they represent Europes largest waterfall system. Given the late season, we were lucky to be virtually alone on the steep slopes of this marvelous place. The early morning air was crisp when we arrived and the sunlight was magical.

Krimmler Falls

The waterfall itself is spread across various levels. You can easily hike up the entire system within 2-3hrs. The path is well marked but very steep.

Krimmler Falls
The GPS profile our our hike. We did not make it all the way to the top due to snow and ice.

There are a number of awesome platforms that allow you to explore and experience the water masses.

Krimmler Falls
A perfect Go-Pro opportunity. You can see the entry point far down below.

The light was not all that cooperative for the rest of the day. We still enjoyed all the views.

Mist in the air…it’s somewhat challenging to take photos. It’s a constant battle with water drops on your lens.
Gorgeous views and thundering noise.
The upper part was already covered in snow. We had to turn around as it was getting too dangerous to proceed.

Time was short and my main focus was on having fun with my kids. Yet I could not resist to stop for a few minutes and take at least one photo with my ND filter to blur the water on the lower part of the waterfall.

The lower part of the Krimmler falls.


Back in Kitzbuehel we had fun hiking the trails around the valley.

Early morning sun on the trails of the Hahnenkamm

The cows were still out and about. Perfect time to catch up with them and to play with the wide-angle and my Go Pro.

Taken with the Fuji X-T1 and the Zeiss 12mm
A Go Pro moment. Love this little camera. Moolicious.

Kitzbuehel features a number of cool & cozy hotels. The A-Rosa Hotel is especially stunning and inviting. It looks like a medieval castle and the interior is even nicer.

Yes, this is a hotel and not a castle.

Night Time

We did not really have time to venture outside our hotel at night but I still managed to take a few photographs right after sunset.

Same view at night
After sunset

That was short trip and I am definitely planning to come back soon to do some serious photography. Pretty much all images were taken with my lovely Fuji X-T1 and the Go Pro.

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