Dubai in a day


Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time in Dubai. Having traveled there a bunch of times before, I felt a bit lazy and did not spend any time sight-seeing. However, that did not mean I would leave my camera back at home. Even a short walk to the next coffee shop usually offers some amazing sights in Dubai.

The Twisted Tower

One of the fun sights to explore is the 306m Cayan Tower (aka Twisted Tower) in the Dubai Marina. It’s not your usual skyscrape. It’s wicked, because it’s twisted!

cayan tower dubai
The Cayan Tower
twisted tower dubai
Twisted it is!
twisted tower dubai
306m /1004ft….not too short

The window cleaners were out and about. Holy smokes…not my type of job.

cayan tower dubai
Fresh air needed?
twisted tower dubai
Hanging on thin ropes

Christmas in Dubai?

One would not expect too much Christmas cheer in Dubai? Well….there is. You can find some of biggest trees, snowmen and other decorations all over the malls and hotels.

christmas in dubai
Who took that photo?
christmas in dubai
A tall tree

The Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa) is always a pleasure to look at. It’s silhouette is simply stunning.

burj khalifa
See the needle?

The skyline of Dubai can be simply amazing….especially during sunset and sunrise. (Keep in mind that the other buildings are not that small either. Most of them would qualify as skyscrapers.)

dubai skyline
Stunning…simply stunning


All photos were taken with the fabulous Fuji X-E1.

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