dubai skyline

Dubai in a day

Dubai Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time in Dubai. Having traveled there a bunch of times before, I felt a bit lazy and did not spend any time sight-seeing. However, that did not mean I would leave my camera back at home. Even a short walk to the next coffee shop usually offers some amazing sights in Dubai. The Twisted Tower One of the fun sights to explore is the 306m Cayan Tower (aka Twisted Tower) in the Dubai Marina. It’s not your usual skyscrape. It’s wicked, because it’s twisted! The window cleaners were out and …


Light matters!

Photography is all about light. As a matter of fact, some people say that photography is like painting with light. I was reminded of that the other day when I was out and about in Dubai photographing the city. Around 4:30pm I arrived at the scene and took the following photo: Most photographers that had arrived with me left after a few minutes. But I sat down, took out my Kindle and read for a while. I ended up taking one photo pretty much every 10-15 minutes. Here are some of the results. Lesson learned: Light matters. A gorgeous scene …

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