Discovering the Fuji X-E1 in Paris

The Fuji X-E1

A short while ago, I decided to give the Fuji X-E1 a try. Traveling with a full-frame camera and some lenses is a bit difficult sometimes. The Fuji X-E1 quickly appeared as the ideal camera:

  • Fantastic reviews – I have never seen so many positive reviews about a camera before. People are really passionate about their Fuji X-E1 or X-Pro 1.
  • APS-C sensor  – I did not want to move towards the tiny micro 4:3. The larger APS-C sensor is definitely very attractive.
  • Image quality – the resulting images are extremely impressive.
  • ‘Invisible’ – people don’t really notice the camera, i.e. they do not feel intimidated by it.
  • Great looks – The retro style of the Fuji X-E1 is extremely sexy!
  • Light, very light – This camera is so light. There are no more excuses to leave it at home.

 Photo information

Lot’s of other reasons speak for the Fuji X-E1 and I will write a more detailed report about it later. Here are some sample photos that I took on a business trip to Paris. All photos were shot in RAW and processed with Adobe Lightroom using the ‘Cream Tone’ preset. I used the excellent 18-50mm zoom.

eiffel tower

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