Fun in the Munich Olympic Park

Munich Olympic Park

Munich is one of those amazingly beautiful cities. It is a very photogenic place. There is a lot to see and to explore. Think about the famous beer gardens. Think about the Marienplatz with its Glockenspiel. Or think about the Oktoberfest. So much to do. Nevertheless, there is one place that I keep going back to. It’s the Munich Olympic Park. This is the place where Munich hosted the 1972 Olympic summer games. The architecture of the entire park is unique. People immediately recognize the iconic tent structures. It’s fun to roam around the different paths and to think about all those famous athletes who won medals here. Then there is the Olympic tower which is Munich’s highest building. Last but not least, BMW with its set of impressive buildings and museums is just across the street from the Olympic Stadium. And that is worth a visit as well.

An afternoon

A few weeks ago, I took one of my sons to the Munich Olympic Center. We went up the Olympic tower to enjoy the view and to see the setup of the Oktoberfest. After that we hiked up one of the hills to get a good view of the entire park. Here are some photos from that afternoon. The photographs were taken with my Fuji X-E1 and the Nikon D800. To emphasize the beautiful structures and to hedge against the dull light, I decided to process everything in black & white.

Next time you are in Munich make sure to visit the Olympic Center! I hope you enjoy the photos! Would love to hear your feedback.

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