Nikon D800 battery life

Let me be clear: I love the Nikon D800. But there is something that really bugs me. And that is the battery life. I took my camera on a business trip this week. The battery ran out after 250 photos. Granted a lot of them were long exposure (5-15 seconds), but this is almost ridiculous. My D300s seemed to last for weeks.

However, the battery is on  re-call. I just found out. Will call Nikon on Monday to get a replacement. I do hope that this will fix the problem. 250 photos is not enough.


  1. Hello. Don,t you think the battery in your nikon 800 may be defective?. Because 250 shots even at 5-15 seconds exposure appears to me unusual. By the way i like your photographs. regards.


  2. Hello – It seems that the new battery is working much better. I have not had much time to test. I just took around 100 photos (most of them with 1s+ exposure) and the battery gauge has not moved a bit. Will send an update once I know more. But this is looking good so far.
    By the way, they exchange process from Nikon was quite good.

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