Nikon D800 Battery Life – Part 2

D800 battery life

A few months ago, I wrote about my disappointment with the D800 battery life. I was only able to get around 500 photos out of each charge. It was disappointing and also extremely annoying. However, Nikon had a recall on a certain battery batch. There was supposedly a risk of the battery catching fire while being charged. I was happy to find out that my battery was also affected.

Kudos to Nikon for the extremely efficient and easy return process. I simply had to fill in a form on their website. Three days later, UPS showed up at my door and delivered new one. They did take the old one.

Long exposures – The D800 battery works well

Improved battery life

The battery exchange did it. I can now take almost 900 photos with one charge. Back in August I went on a 7 day trip to Italy and shot around 750 photos. About 50 of them were long exposure. There was one bar left on the battery when I got back home. That is quite decent I have to say.

Overall, I am happy to report that the D800 battery life is excellent.

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