First Nikon D800 HDR – Single RAW file

Nikon D800 HDR

The other day I wrote about the Nikon D800 file size. I do have to say that I am pleasantly surprised about who well the huge RAW files handle on my MacAir and the MacMini. Tonight, I decided to do another test: HDR processing on my MacAir. For that purpose, I took a single RAW file that I took a few days ago. I processed that file with five different EV settings (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2) and exported the files to jpeg. Each jpeg is between 5.7MB and 9MB large. The files were processed HDR EFEX Pro.

D800 HDR Processing on the MacAir

Processing the five files took a while. At least 3-5 minutes. Once HDR EFEX Pro was open all adjustments went through without any delay. Sweet. Exporting the final image was also not too bad. The result is also quite amazing. You can see details beyond believe. Granted, I am not an HDR expert. But this is quite impressive in my book.

The gallery features the original and the final output.

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