A very busy summer

Busy summer Holy smokes – it’s been six months since my last blog post. Photography had to take a back seat due to an extremely busy spring and summer. Around 95% of my 2015 photos have been taken with a GoPro while running or biking. But I was lucky enough to get invited to help my friends out with a few photos for some very special occasions. And that’s about it. I am hoping to be back online in a few months from now. Enjoy your summer!

Fun with speedlights

Speedlights What to do on a cold, stormy and rainy early summer evening? Play with your photo equipment! Earlier today I read an interest blog post by Joe McNally. It is called ‘More Flash Play’ and Joe explains how to simulate the light from a computer screen. All you have to do is tape a piece of paper on the screen and then bounce a flash into it. It’s as simple as that. The dreary weather provided the perfect excuse to give this a try. The setup It took about 3 minutes to put my speedlights (2 Godox V850s)  and …

Painting with light

Flash Today was an ideal day to take out the flash. Fog combined with freezing temperatures had turned the area around Munich into an amazing winter wonderland. Trees were covered in a white layer of thick frost. Once the sun had set, I picked up my equipment and headed to a spot I had scouted a few years ago. Using the reflective frost on the trees, I wanted to light it up with my Nikon SB-900 flash. It worked. Unfortunately, I did not move fast enough. This is the best shot out of eight. I might have to try it …

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