Fun with speedlights


What to do on a cold, stormy and rainy early summer evening? Play with your photo equipment! Earlier today I read an interest blog post by Joe McNally. It is called ‘More Flash Play’ and Joe explains how to simulate the light from a computer screen. All you have to do is tape a piece of paper on the screen and then bounce a flash into it. It’s as simple as that. The dreary weather provided the perfect excuse to give this a try.

The setup

It took about 3 minutes to put my speedlights (2 Godox V850s)  and the excellent Fuji X-T1 in place. I did have to play a bit with the flash power to get everything dialled in correctly. To create the red ambient light in the background I used one of Gary Fong’s color filters. It did not turn out as planned, though. Not sure if those work properly for in this type of setup. Anyway….here is the result. Five minutes work. You won’t find it in any stock photo library….but I had fun and learned a few things tonight. Joe’s writing is simply amazing. Simple, fun and most importantly effective. Make sure to follow his blog.



By the way….I am loving the Godox V850 speedlights. Excellent value for the money. They work very well with the Fuji X system. I will write a review soon.

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