A very busy summer

Busy summer Holy smokes – it’s been six months since my last blog post. Photography had to take a back seat due to an extremely busy spring and summer. Around 95% of my 2015 photos have been taken with a GoPro while running or biking. But I was lucky enough to get invited to help my friends out with a few photos for some very special occasions. And that’s about it. I am hoping to be back online in a few months from now. Enjoy your summer!

Wedding Photography – Part 2

Wedding Photography – Part 2 Two weeks ago, I blogged about the fun wedding of my friends Hanna and Stefan. This is the second part of the post and it focuses on the official stuff of the wedding: church and formal portraits. As in the prior post, I will share a few ideas and lessons learned. The ceremony My friends’ wedding took place in a beautiful Bavarian church. It’s important to arrive early to catch the moments between the groom, his best man and the families. There are also those amazing details that couples spend a lot of time and …

Fun with wedding photography – part 1

Wedding Photography Wedding photography is one of those genres that can be extremely fulfilling yet demanding at the same time. As a photographer it’s fun to feel the excitement and energy of these events. But then there is the anxiety to deliver bad photographs or even worse to miss those important shots. Last but not least, wedding photography can be exhausting. However, I love this combination and once in a while I accept to shoot the wedding of friends. Just a short while ago, I had the honor of participating in the wedding of our good friends Hanna and Stefan. …

great portraits

My favorite technique for creating great portraits

Great portraits Great portraits don’t need a complex studio setup or a lot of high-tech equipment. A few months ago, I learned an amazing technique from Roberto Valenzuela’s book Picture Perfect Practice: A Self-Training Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Taking World-Class Photographs (I wrote a short review in a prior blog post). It is a very powerful, yet easy to use technique for creating great portraits. Great light Let’s work backwards. Here is the final result. These are my good friends Hanna and Stefan. We were trying out a few interesting places for their upcoming wedding where I have the …

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