The Azure Window is gone!

A sad day

Boy, what a sad day. Earlier this afternoon the world found out that the famous Azure Window in Malta is gone. It’s gone for good. RIP. A massive storm took this amazing piece of nature down to the depths of the ocean. I have a hard time expressing how sad I am about this. The Azure Window was one of the most iconic rock formations in the entire Mediterranean. It was a view that I could not get enough of. On some days, I would head out to Dwerja multiple times to view it in different lighting and ocean conditions.

Azure Window

The Azure Window

What made the Azure Window so special? Hard to say. All I can tell you is that it had a magical attraction. People were lusting to see the gorgeous rock formation. Part of its charme was certainly the so-called blue hole in front of it – a very deep natural pool. No wonder that it was featured in various movies and TV shows (e.g. The Count of Monte Cristo, Game of Thrones etc.).

Azure Window Gozo
A typical mid-day scene. People were still walking on the arch despite harsh warning signs to stay off

An Azure Window night experience

In 2014, I took one of my sons out to the Azure Window after 10pm to get some star trail photos. It was a very special experience. We were sitting together on the heated rocks in complete darkness and silence for a solid hour. Let me tell you – it was amazing.

Azure Window

Bummer. A really big bummer. The good people on Malta and Gozo must be devastated. Below is a collection of photos that I was able to take over the years.

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