Discovering Singapore

The Singapore Adventure

Singapore is an amazing place for exploring and taking photos. I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in this beautiful city. As a passionate photographer, I often suffered from visual overload. There are just too many beautiful and interesting sites.

Singapore Skyline

Nightime in Singapor

The city certainly offers a particular charm after sunset. While many of the motives have been covered by thousands of other photographers, I really enjoyed walking around with my tripod at night. The warm air paired with the feeling of a hustling & bustling place is truly intoxicating.

The first photo is my favourite from this trip (Gardens by the Bay). It took me around 45 minutes to get what I wanted. The light was changing quickly and I had to wrestle the tripod on a small rock in the middle of the pond below. My biggest fear was losing some of my gear. The final image is an HDR composite processed in Lightroom using three images.

Gardens by the bay

Here is another view of the Gardens by the Bay. Stunning scenery for sure.

Gardens by the Bay

The Singapore skyline is wonderful as well. I spent two evenings walking around during the blue hour.

Singapore City
Marina Sands

Daylight adventures

There are plenty of interesting places to be discovered during the days. I was happy that my Fuji X-T1 and X100s are quite sturdy – the humidity and heat in Singapore are quite a challenge to deal with.

Here are some of other favourite photos.


Not everything is super modern. This is part of Singapore’s charm:

Singapore China Town
Frogs for food
Tooth Temple

And the final image for today is another one of those photographs that required patience and lot’s of sweat. I was literally standing in front of this gorgeous wall for a solid 45 minutes. While there were plenty of people walking by, I never managed to catch somebody who would fit nicely into this frame. Boy….it was damn hot. But worth while the effort, I think.

Little India

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