A day in the Austrian Alps

The Austrian Alps

Fall has arrived with full force in Europe. We just witnessed its volatile nature on a short trip to Saalbach-Hinterglemm in Austria. It is a famous ski town nestled high up in the Alps. The town itself was pretty much shut down. All bars & restaurants are closed during off-season. But the weather totally made up for the lack of other entertainment. Here are a few photographs from the past two days.


Upon arrival in Hinterglemm we were surprised to find ourselves in a complete white-out. The snow flakes were twice the size of a Euro coin.

A bit of color in a cool world

Dense fog followed the snowstorm and it created a surrealistic atmosphere in the late afternoon.

After sunset

The sunrise was equally spectacular.


The snow actually stuck in the higher altitudes but it quickly disappeared in town. One of the modern hotels had a cool glass front. Each panel was directed in a different direction. You can nicely see the difference between the town and the mountain tops.

The front of a modern hotel

Other things to do

The forests around Hinterglemm do offer some fun trails and an amazing treetop path. You can also find some funny creates behind trees if you look carefully enough.

The treetop path high up in the sky
Cruising above the trees – this is actually an HDR image. Free-handed shot.
This is what it feels like to be high up above the trees
Tree hugger?
Perfect for Halloween
One witch keeps an eye on the other


All photos were taken with my beloved Fuji X-E1. It once again paid off to have a small and light-weight camera. Not sure that I would have brought my heavy DSLR on this short trip

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